What is the price of a luxury perfume?

France is the country with the most and biggest perfume lovers in Europe. Here, access to luxury brands are stuff of dreams. However, selling prices have a tendency to go through the roof and reach new peeks on the internet and in perfume shops. What are the justifications for such high-priced perfumes? Here is our clarification.

The different steps to creating a new perfume

Creating a new perfume is a task that requires both meticulousness and dedication. Numerous steps are required, from project study to final completion.

What outfit for which perfume?

A perfume is like a fashion accessory, it must be in perfect agreement with the outfit of the wearer. This is the harmonic price to pay for the fragrance to sublimate an appropriate outfit while the latter magnifies the former. At Laurent Mazzone Parfums, each eau de parfum finds an ideal partner with the right outfit combination.

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