Les Eaux Pures

Aqua Zenzero
A fiery score, in which ginger shines as bright as ever.

Aqua Zenzero is a whirlwind of spices that sweeps you away. At the top, the spicy freshness of ginger is enhanced by notes of cardamom, and the sharpness of the pepper. Then, heart notes of cinnamon and nutmeg radiate with a powerful heat. Finally, this spicy symphony is softened by a hint of jasmine, on a base of musk and wood (vetiver, sandalwood).

Les Eaux Pures

Citron Caviar
An ode to the crisp, tangy notes of this unique citrus fruit.

Under lively and sparkling top notes of lemon, mint and lime, a luminous heart vibrates, with its blend of white flowers and geranium. The elegance of a radiant simplicity, where the bitter and herbaceous freshness of the top meets the warmth of wood and musk.

Les Eaux Pures

A hymn to the duality of neroli, whose innocence hides a true sensuality.

A melody that sways between the soft freshness of neroli and the bewitching honeyed notes of the orange blossom absolute. Refreshed by the green accents of blackcurrant and angelica in the top notes, this fragrance reveals it’s radiant and voluptuous side. A carnal dimension heightened by the enticing fullness of peach and musk notes. 

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