Love, my river's dry
Said to the heart of never I
Oh never me
One broken wing
What you bring in
Means everything

In how the light falls
On nights, on days
Temptation, revelation
Above your years
There all glitter
Begin faith
End fickle beliefs
Dissolve your haze

It’s in these moments
That flicker by
They flicker by
Oh mind your eye
A captured moment
Can never sleep
Say have you seen
This in between

Then love
Your crooked smile
Was far too heavy
For eye an I
Saved by a kiss
For what it means
It moves like wind
Her in between

Sound revolution
For years and years
You cannot save them
The missing tears
Born out of hope, the yet to be
Inside a dream, a dream of dreams
Say have you felt
This in between

When all you seek
Rests underneath
A ghostly shape
Of make belief
Write every book
You’ll ever read
When you believe
You shall receive

When every doubt
Is proof of breathing
Behind white crosses
I know you’ve seen them
In every layer
You’ve fallen through
Resides an angel
She guards on you
Commands an army
To hide you gone
The infinite definitive
You longed for so long
If you’re with her
Then you found home

Mattias Lindblom

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